For me one of the greatest joys of painting aside from my own personal practice, is to be privately commissioned.  Nothing if more satifying than the feeling of a satisfied client when I present a new commission.

I regularly undertake private commissions, so if you are interested is proposing a painting as a gift of a loved one, yourself or as a birthday, wedding or special occasion then get in contact.  All calls and emails are returned - 07886972305,

If you had a picture or a photo in mind, then do pls send it over to me for a quotation and I can make some creative suggestions on the image. 

I like to start the process with a proposal meeting, where we can discuss the project.  This can be over the phone, Skype or in person.  If the painting if to be a portrait of a person for example, I either like to meet that person or been given a photograph with a good description of the characteristics that you wish to be depicted.   From this initial meeting the work can take anywhere from 4-16 weeks, depending on scale and scope of the project.  Typically a painting will take around 8-weeks from start to finish.