Back from Stockholm - with new painting Ideas

I am fresh back from an amazing trip to the Moderna Museet in Sweden, full of ideas and new inspiration.  The entrance wall of which is in the picture below, it is a state museum located on the island of Skeppsholmen in central Stockholm. 


The outstanding work was from Trisha Baga, a young artist working mainly in video and performance. Her approach is open and intuitive, with a homespun aesthetic that might incorporate screen effects, recordings of herself over soundtracks, scenes spliced together and improvised props. She adopts truly engaging multimedia approach.  Watching her short film Hercules in 3d glasses projected into an enormous installation space, I didn’t expect the piece to have such funny tongue in cheek moments.  For instance a cut out rabbit bounces across the bottom of the screen, Monty python style!  Its so unusual to see a piece of art that is not only engaging in a audio visual sense, but is also amusing for the viewer. Do have a further read here, I could not recommend her playful work anymore

Since I've been back from Sweden, I have been thinking more about my painting subject ideas; I've experienced somewhat of a creative inaction. A type of stalling created, inadvertently by having too many ideas in my head at one time.  This block or better worded as a stall - reached it peak on Sunday with a spontaneous outbreak of painting.  I have a space in my living room, and a pretty large 4.5" x 4.5" blank canvas, which has now been filled with amber chalk, pale pinks, redish creams and dark imperial blue shades; the result of which im rather pleased with. At has a very least ensured I have committed pen to paper so to speak.

Before I sign-off, I wanted to leave with one last thought. I have been considering creating a set of paintings for a solo show after the summer this year. The theme of which will be portraiture