The MID WALES ART CENTRE - May Day Bank Holiday visit

A weekend trip to see the work of Stefan Knapp at the Mid Wales Art Centre, founded and run by Cathy Knapp. Stefan was an internationally renowned enamelist and sculptor, he left a unique collection of paintings and sculpture which are on display in the house and grounds. The Art entre includes a Sculpture shed, park and hall - which is the only permanent collection of Stefan Knapp's work in the world, set in the idyllic rural area of Mid Wales. 

I had not seen his work for over 20-years, since it was on display at his house in Sandhills, Surrey in the mid-nineties.  And I felt as if I was looking at the work with new eyes.  Seeing as I was only 15-years old when I first saw the work, at the age of 36 now the viewing was a different experience. With a variety of canvases and sculptures kept inside of the house and his large steel enamels outside on display in the courtyard and sculpture hall.